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 supplements are NOT created equal!

Much if not all of the aloe sold in retail stores and from our competitors is made not from fresh whole aloe leaves, but from aloe concentrate. The heat used in the concentration process breaks down the delicate long-chain molecules that give Aloe Vera much of its power. This is why so many people are disappointed with most Aloe Vera products and do not receive the health benefits they expect and deserve.

Our Aloe Vera contains 300 mg. of 100% Pure, Natural, Organic Aloe Vera. more...

A Medicine Chest in a Plant!
Since 1981, Catherine’s Choice™ Aloe Vera Capsules have been the choice of hundreds of thousands of people whose doctors had told them they’d have to learn to live with their agonizing arthritis pain.
Fast relief right where it hurts!
Some pain responds best to heat. Other pain demands icy cold. Catherine's Choice™ SportaRub works fast on both kinds of pain.


See more clearly – night and day!

If you’re tired of getting stronger glasses every year… but it’s getting harder to read the newspaper or look up a number in the phone book… it’s time for New Eyes! more... 

Helps even out blood sugar ups and downs!

• Boosts energy
• Reduces sugar cravings
• Fights disease & aging
• Supports brain and nervous system
• Neutralizes free radicals



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I am 57 years old, and  just finished my first bottle of  Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera. I got my bottle from my mom who is using it, she is 82. She heard about Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera from my 61 year old brother who told her how good it worked for his arthritis. She ordered it for herself and loves it. My sister (60 yrs. old) also started taking Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera, and told me how good it worked for her. Mom had an extra bottle and gave it to me (bless her heart!).... I guess you would say we have a  "family affair" going on here with Catherine's Choice. 
I am now ordering my first order, because my free bottle from my mom has run out, and I'm in pain again. I can't wait for it to get here!  I will never let my bottle get empty again!! Thank-You so much for such a wonderful product .
-Kathy Bethke

I’m 72 and during the past five years I have not been able to work and the last three years have been very scary. I had two cardiac angioplasties. My COPD required 4-5 liters of oxygen 24 hours a day.

I had poor circulation and swelling in my legs. In addition, I had arthritis and headaches. Then I started on Rice Power and got a second chance on life. I am free of headaches (which I had all my life), body aches, swelling in my legs, and chest pains. I rarely use oxygen and my sleep apnea is improved. I have unbelievable stamina, I have lost 50 pounds and I don’t need to take insulin any more. My family and friends are very amazed at the total turn around in my health. In fact they don’t even recognize me. I pinch myself every morning to see if it’s really me. Don’t under estimate the healing power of your body and RiSoTriene®. I’ll never be without it.

-Jim J.

I am in my 70’s and I have rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative arthritis and a number of other health issues. I have also had two surgeries on my shoulder and one on my knee.
I wake up daily with pain and discomfort. I have bought just about every over-the-counter cream you can buy to help with pain, but nothing seemed to work. I then purchased SportaRub. I put it on in the morning and almost instantly I can begin to feel relief. Within a few hours, the pain is gone and I feel great! It has no after order and doesn’t stain like so many of the other products I tried. SportaRub works like nothing else
I’ve used and I have now been using it since the mid 1990’s.

When Betty Blevins was 83, her eye doctor told her she was going to need cataract surgery. Betty had seen too many friends give up one activity after another as their eyesight failed. She didn’t want to have to have surgery, and she really didn’t want to slow down!

After work she’d go home, pick up her clarinet and her sheet music. Playing concerts at places like Daytona Beach- a 2-hour drive at all hours of the day and night, Betty was on the road several nights a week. She found her secret weapon in New Eyes. Betty did one other thing: she changed eye doctors. When she showed her new specialist the bottle of New Eyes, he looked at the label and told her, "That’s all good stuff." And then he gave her some really good news. "You don’t need cataract surgery!" he said.